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Society Of Pageant Women LLC Was Founded By Charity Cramer, Miss Delaware United States 2018. After Competing In The Miss America, Miss USA And Miss United States Systems, Charity Saw That The Pageant Industry Was Taking A Turn In The Wrong Direction. During Her Competition Years, Charity Noticed Systems Were Having A Hard Time Recruiting For Their Organizations. She Spoke With Many Sister Queens About Their Decision For Their Departure And They Were Leaving For Several Reasons. Many Women Believe Pageantry Had Nothing To Offer Outside Of Competition Weekend, Others Expressed Concern About The Industries Integrity, Fairness And Need For Operation Improvements. With Charity’s Background In Management Information Systems And Concentration In Operations Management, She Knew These Issues Were Solvable And Decided To Present A Solution That Would Help; Society Of Pageant Women LLC.


We Also Help Directors Address Issues Within Their Organizations And Present Solutions To Improve Their Business’ Integrity And Increase Competition Recruitment. We Are Advocates For Titleholders And Associated Parties In The Pageantry Industry Working To Better Connect The Pageant Community To More Opportunities And Resources That Will Empower Women. 


We Were Founded To Make Society Aware Of The Many Former And Current Titleholders That Have, And Continuously Do, Great Things In The Community While Defeating The Stereotypes By Supporting Each Other Across All Systems.


Our Mission Is To Raise Awareness For The Great Systems That Exist To Empower Women, While Addressing Issues And Offering Solutions To Help The Industry Improve And Grow.


We Truly Believe Unifying The Titleholders And Systems In This Industry Will Attract More Sponsors, Titleholders, New Business Ideas And Improve The Systems Committed To Improving And Delivering Phenomenal Experiences To Empower Women.


We provide resources to members that will make them marketable past the crown.


We  are a network  of former and current pageant directors and supporters.


We host workshops for those competing and other who want to profit off of their skills.


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The competitors & business owners in the pageant world are extremely educated, well-spoken, ambitious, well-connected and friendly! We are looking for ethical individuals that will put their pageant and professional skills to work as we work together to improve the industry.