Miss Juneteenth isn’t just a movie. State and local pageants celebrate Black history and beauty. States including Tennessee, Florida, and Delaware have held Miss Juneteenth pageants for years. Pageants are scholarship-driven and center community service, education, and Black history.

Miss Juneteenth IS A REAL PAGEANT

What is the difference between the Juneteenth pageant and mainstream pageants?

Unlike mainstream American pageants, the Juneteenth pageant, a black community pageant competition, is a ceremony that serves as a way for African Americans to publicly craft their own narrative. It is not a beauty pageant.

Juneteenth pageants are also scholarship-driven, with events that center around community service, education, and Black history.

The Miss Juneteenth pageant, like many African American competitions, is rarely discussed in the industry and we, Society Of Pageant Women, plan to change that with our network of committed active members.

In the year of 2021, the pageant industry made a few additional efforts to showcase diversity in pageantry but not many pageant queens know about, or vigorously support pageants that celebrate minority ethnicities in America.

It is imperative that Society of Pageant Women, brings light to the lack of support for diversity in both size, ethnicity and cultural pageant while also discussing pageantry is a positive light as a whole.

Fun Fact: The Miss Juneteenth Pageant had a mainstream movie created about it in the year of 2020.

Read more about the Miss Juneteenth Pageant here.

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