Ms. Midwest Captivating 2021 – Serving Veterans & Empowering Local Heroes

Our members are some of the most accomplished women in the pageant industry and we are honored to have them as our members. Today, we are beyond proud to announce an accomplishment of the fabulous Angelena Taylor who is also a committed member of the Inaugural Empress class of 2021.

Ms. Angelena Taylor has been selected by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to represent military and veteran caregivers in the state of Michigan as a 2021 Dole Caregiver Fellow! She will have the opportunity to share her caregiving journey as she empowers hidden heroes across the nation.

To learn more about her recent accomplishment, read the Foundation’s announcement here:


Thank you for your service to your nation, Society of Pageant Women, the pageant community and your community Angelena. You are such an inspiration.

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