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We build, promote, and defend a bigger and stronger pageant industry.

We help grow the pageant industry

 We are committed to building women’s confidence to lead and network by bringing together the people, titleholders and positive pageantry  that is needed to give everyone the experiences they want.

We make pageantry stronger

We advocate for a more secure, trusted and ethical pageant industry for all competitors, business owners and supporters. We defend the industry from those who could make it less secure, less ethical and less trusted.

We shape pageants of the future

We are a global movement of that champions a pageant industry of hope, opportunity, and celebrates the humanity. Pageantry is not just about competing for a sash and crown, it’s about the opportunity to develop effective leaders and influencers for all communities.

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The competitors & business owners in the pageant world are extremely educated, well-spoken, ambitious, well-connected and friendly! We are looking for ethical individuals that will put their pageant and professional skills to work as we work together to improve the industry.